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Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is an elective procedure that involves the restructuring of a persons nose. The surgery entails opening of the nasal passage via an incision that allows the performing surgeon to make the necessary adjustments in the nasal cavity for elongating, straightening, widening or shortening purposes.

People undergo rhinoplasty for varying reasons: to improve aesthetic appeal, to correct birth defects and to widen the breathing passage are some of the more common ones. People who experienced major accidents like automobile crashes are also possible candidates since reconstructive surgery could be necessary after the incident. Professional singers may also undergo rhinoplasty both for aesthetic and medical purposes since the surgery improves facial appearance and breath intake.

Although rhinoplasty may seem like less complicated compared with other medical treatments, the procedure needs ample preparation time and recovery period for the patient. You may have to take at least a week off work after the surgery to minimize the risk of infection. The following weeks will also be critical because the doctor may advise you for or against returning to work depending on the speed of your recovery. If your firm is located in Los Angeles, here are some of the things that you need to do before taking time off work for a rhinoplasty:

Ask the human resource department regarding your updated medical benefits. Dont assume that you know the latest plan because changes in health coverage may happen in a city like Los Angeles. Nose surgery may already get partial coverage in some instances so its best that you schedule an appointment with the HR.

Review how much vacation time you need. Companies are usually accommodating to their employees especially in Los Angeles. Nose surgery takes weeks to heal and your company may not be able to accommodate your request for extended vacation leave if this happens. Talk with your immediate supervisor to resolve this issue as early as possible.

Talk with your union representative for further assurance. If your need for rhinoplasty stems from a congenital defect, your union representative can appeal your case to the company and may cite the necessary laws in Los Angeles. Nose surgery need not become a worry if you properly inform your company.

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